Being a Physician – The Environment has Changed

The environment for today’s – and tomorrow’s – practicing physician has already changed. The costs of managing a successful practice has risen, in matters of time, money, and, especially, complexity due to increased regulations and insurance demands. Matters are only made worse given the projectionss that there will be a shortage of practice doctors.

While the current generation of doctors is beginning to reject the current model of industrialized medicine, the next generation rejects the prior held beliefs of the time commitment required of doctors. The younger doctor – and more and more experienced doctors – are seeking to create a work-life-mental-spiritual balance. Thus, the scarcity they experience includes factors of time. Further, the modern physician is well educated in matters of the medical sciences, especially as it relates to their chosen specialty. However, their training does not include the basics of business ownership.

The American public, whether you realize this or not, is looking to partner with physicians who see themselves as that: a physician – one who is skilled in the art of healing. But it’s important to know that in order to develop a long-term – and, therefore, profitable – relationship with your patients, you must become a Medical Advisor.

Given that physicians expect a high salary and yet have very little, if any, business training – and a limited amount of time, there is a great need for a specialized partner who can help them navigate the complexities of business ownership.

That’s where why we’re here.

Are you a physician trying to navigate the complexities of business ownership?

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