Changing Regenerative Medicine? No, Changing Medicine

Every 50 years or so, medicine seems to take a quantum leap forward. Regenerative Medicine represents a seismic shift that will affect all aspects of health care. Our comprehensive plan for facilitating this change positions RHM at the vanguard of this revolution in medicine.

For the last several decades, Regenerative Medicine has been primarily academic, with a very clear delineation between the STUDY and PRACTICE of Regenerative Medicine. We will help scientists develop and deploy their discoveries in our system of clinics and offices, in both the US and around the world. The positive outcomes of these network effects cannot be understated.

As Regenerative Medicine becomes more prevalent and accepted, there is a strong need for a consolidation of providers, resources, oversight, arbitration of products, which will, when combined, continue the advancement of Regenerative Medicine as both a viable (and, eventually, preferred) treatment option for patients as well as a desirable career choice for physicians. 

RHM are helping physicians navigate the complexities of the business of Regenerative Medicine in ways that are both unique and tailored to the needs of the physician.

In order to help patients benefit from Regenerative Medicine, our physicians will be first a listener, second an educator, third an advisor, fourth an advocate, and fifth a clinician. This is done through a fee model that allows the physicians, as Medical Advisors, with the support of RHM, to provide regenerative medicine treatments and therapies but, more importantly, to help patients, as clients, understand, manage, protect, and better their health.

Patients are taking more control of their health care and well-being. Patients now have access to information that allows them more independence from their physicians and health insurance carrier. Many patients now have alternatives where there once was none. 

The role of the physician is being minimized in traditional medicine.

Here’s a hint: It’s not the 20,000 hours that so many doctors point to.

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