COVID-19 Antibody Test

Add Simple, Efficient SARS-CoV-2 Testing to Your Practice

  • Turn-key Patient Registration, Scheduling & Payment Collection
  • Industry-leading Sensitivity 98%+ and Specificity 98%+ through our U.S. based labs.
  • Qualitative measurements are taken looking specifically for IgM, IgA, and IgG antibodies against the spike proteins and 4 viral antigens of Covid-19 that will help assess immunity against this novel virus.

Your patients will complete their own online registration (including medical consents and HIPAA notifications) and make their payment

There are no patient forms for your office to complete.

How it works

Each patient registration information is sent to your office along with a scheduled appointment for the specimen retrieval.

*Days and times of day are determined by you.

Your nurse or phlebotomist collects the sample and sends it to Vibrant America Clinical Labs via prepaid courier. All phlebotomist supplies and shipping material is supplied from Vibrant.  Within 48 hours of receiving the blood sample, the results are sent back to you so you can discuss the findings with your patient.

Patient Sell Price: $249
Lab Cost: $149 (paid by RHM)
Your office receives $72.25 for each test conducted (72% of Margin).

RHM Provides:

  • A personalized web portal for your patients and non-patients to order the COVID-19 tests.
  • Your portal includes a bio, address with interactive map, picture (if you like), contact information, and the order link for patients.
  • RHM refers new patients to your portal via a zip code/radius geo-locater (like a store-finder) on RHM.Care
  • National publicity generated by RHM refers people in your area your portal.
  • Credit card processing service including all fees and gateway to charges.
  • Connecting your calendar with our scheduling application. Our app allows you to block the days and times you want to allow appointments. Your calendar is NOT revealed, only the times you block for Test appointments.
  • RHM charges a $100 one-time payment to complete the above services.

All you need to do is complete our Healthcare Professional – Registration Form, which will be sent to your email inbox once we validate your NPI. 

We will then create your personalized web portal and email you the link. 

Your portal link can be forwarded to your patients and integrated into your webpage and social media platforms. RHM also refers prospective patients from our national advertising, blogs, affiliates, press, and website.

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COVID-19 Antibody Test

You can add this super-efficient critical service to your practice in a matter of days.

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