Your guide to navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine


We’ve written this eBook so that you don’t make the mistakes that people make with regenerative medicine because you don’t have to make these mistakes when you understand the real power of regenerative medicine.

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The 11 Mistakes Patients Make With Regenerative Medicine

  1. Paying too much for treatments
  2. Mistaking hype for hope
  3. Not being educated or informed about treatments and treatment options
  4. Not being in control of your treatment process
  5. Focusing on technology over relationships
  6. Receiving a treatment without necessary labs, documentation, and planning
  7. Trying to navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine by yourself
  8. Failing to work with a Medical Advisor
  9. Not working with your doctor for follow-up
  10. Not realizing that you are part of something bigger than yourself
  11. Thinking cure rather than a process toward a better quality of life