Elizabeth Holland

Health Manager

Your Health. Managed.

Elizabeth Holland is a Registered Nurse with a background in chemistry. It was teaching chemistry that leveraged her knowledge on the subject to become a nurse.
Understanding things on a chemical level is an expertise that Elizabeth loves to delve into. She has had the privilege of traveling around the country as a Health Professional, gaining vast experience with an array of people.
With an innate desire to help and educate, Elizabeth is excited to provide real care within her RHM office, based in Bozeman, Montana.

A New and Unique View on Managing Your Health:


Your Own Personalized Care

A Personalized Plan
Time-Tested and Leading-Edge Therapies
Lower Treatment Costs
The Best of You 
When you work with Elizabeth, you work with a professional that truly partners with you by offering personalized health management.
Elizabeth works to build a real relationship with you, provide real care, and, as much as possible, lower the costs of treatments.
When working with Elizabeth, you have someone that actively manages your health by using both time-tested and leading-edge diagnostic tools and regenerative therapies.

How Does Elizabeth Do This For You?

By helping you develop and manage a plan.
Just as no airplane can take off without a flight plan, no ship can sail without a plotted course. 
No one can truly manage their health and care without a comprehensive plan.
No one plans to fail; it’s just that people fail to plan.
Elizabeth’s job, or mission, is to help patients
– just like you –
develop a plan and then guide, you through the completion of that plan, month after month, and, if necessary, year after year.

Who Can Benefit From
Working with Elizabeth?

Those Looking to Optimize Their Health
Those Dealing with Chronic Conditions
Those Looking for a Little More Time

The RHM Treatment Focus

Minimize Inflammation
Balance Hormones
Promote Healing and Growth
Elizabeth Holland – RHM of Bozeman 
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