Have We Lost the Art of Medicine

• While 20th-century medicine brought us some incredibly important treatments—anesthesia, antibiotics, chemicals to numb the pain, and surgery to put broken parts back together (yes, I’m minimizing a bit, but not much)[dlh-I don’t understand what you are minimizing]. 20th-century medicine has led us to believe that medicine is clean, pure, scientific, efficient, and fast.

• Medicine is none of those. Medicine is art. And art is messy. (Ask any artist if what they do is clean, pure, efficient, and fast.)

• But, even our physicians believe that medicine is science. Medicine and science are NOT the same.

• “Science” is not what most people think.

• Science CAN BE clean, pure, efficient, and fast..but only in a lab or clinical study where controls and variables are clearly defined.

• But we are not dealing with something that is in a lab or clinical study (shoot, clinical studies aren’t even what they purport to be—ever heard of “p-hacking?” But that’s a discussion for a different day).

• Life is cleaner and clearer when looking back; solutions to disease become “apparent” in retrospect. (How many of us have had an argument with a spouse or loved one only to look back, after the “heat of the battle” to think, “I could have handled that better.”)

• Medicine is an art built on the Science of Discovery.

• To move medicine forward, we need platforms that help support physicians with the Art of Medicine.