Henry M. “Jake” Johnston, MD

Originally trained as an internist, Dr. Jake Johnston decided to also do a residency in emergency medicine because he believed that acute care was how he could really help make a difference in the lives of patients.
Yet, through the years as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Johnston saw that many issues he was treating in the ER could be more successfully treated within a system that could provide patients the long-term care and support they needed.
For at the last 25 years, Dr. Johnston has been been exploring ways to better care for patients. He recognizes that traditional medicine does not get to the root cause of diseases or disfunction.
As both professional development and a desire to see patients get more personalized care, Dr. Johnston has found ways to understand and apply:
– BioPhysics
– Electronic medicine
– Detoxification
– Nutrition
– Enhanced performance and recovery care for athletes
– Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Johnston’s desire is to help people give back to their community, find joy, appreciate and engage with family, and have the energy to just wake up and enjoy the day. These are all of the things that people can’t do when they are bogged down by pain, injury, and disease. Finding ways to treat underlying causes is what has driven Dr. Johnston from the beginning of his medical career.
As both an emergency physician and as a business owner, Dr. Johnston has focused on metabolic, functional, and integrative medicine. He has experience in working with people of all walks of life and all around the United States and the Caribbean.
Jake and his wife have been married for 22 years and have 4 boys. Dr. Johnston’s hobbies include playing the piano, art, windsurfing, kite-boarding, travel, remodeling houses, and child development.
Dr. Johnston has transitioned from a disease-based model of medicine and moved into his passion for health-based patient care. Having started is own regenerative health management office, he is now offering a comprehensive look at patients’ health.

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Address: Golden, Colorado
Phone: (303) 446-7990

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Regenerative Health Management 

The active, on-going process of helping the body heal itself. This is done through a relationship-driven, medical advisory process that considers the whole person.

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When you work with Dr. Johnston, you work with a medical advisor and health manager that truly partners with you by offering personalized regenerative health management.
Dr. Johnston works to build a real relationship with you, provide real care, and, as much as possible, lower the costs of treatments.
When working with Dr. Johnston, you have a medical advisor and health manager that actively manages your health by using both time-tested and leading-edge diagnostic tools and regenerative therapies.

How Does Dr. Johnston do this?

By helping you develop and manage a plan.
Just as no airplane can take off without a flight plan, no ship can sail without a plotted course.
No one can truly manage their health and care without a comprehensive plan.
No one plans to fail; it’s just that people fail to plan.
Dr. Johnston’s job, or mission, is to help patients just like you develop a plan and then guide, or coach, you through the completion of that plan, month after month, and, if necessary, year after year.

Who Can Benefit From
Regenerative Health Management?


Those Who Want to Optimize Their Health


Those Who Are Dealing with Chronic Conditions


Those Who are Looking for a Little More Time

The RHM Treatment Focus

Minimize Inflammation   |   Balance Hormones   |   Promote Healing and Growth


Minimize Inflammation


Balance Hormones


Promote Healing and Growth