Our Story

I have had the pleasure of working with doctors since the beginning of the 21st Century.
I first became aware of regenerative medicine in 2010 when my aunt, Mary, while suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), received a bone marrow stem cell transplant from her brother, and my uncle, Joe. Along with a lot of prayers, the stem cell transplant changed Mary’s life and allowed her to have more time with the family than anyone could have imagined, even the doctors.
Toward the end of Mary’s 5 1/2 year battle, in late 2013, I was part of a small group that set out discuss the possibilities and complications in and around the field of regenerative medicine.
Rather than focusing on the treatment side of regenerative medicine, I decided to focus on helping patients and physicians navigate the complexities of medicine. This focus puts the emphasis back on the patient-physician relationship. It allows physicians to be physicians again and not just “providers.” (The word physician means “one who is skilled in the art of healing.”)
And patients get what they want the most: time with, and advice from, their physician throughout their medical journeys, which may or may not include a treatment process.
After literally traveling around the world for a significant part of 3 years, and several years of research, observations, and conversations with an untold number of scientists, physicians, and patients, my team and I determined that the best way to make an impact in the field of medicine was to develop a new platform that would allow both patients and physicians live a better quality of life.
My team and I found that while regenerative medicine is about helping the body heal itself, most in the field are thinking about “cures” and replacement organs, we have found that it’s the incremental changes that have the greatest impacts on humanity…and our individual lives.
It is through relationships that physicians help patients.
That is why we developed Regenerative Health Management. Or, real health management. 
As my team and I honor the memory of my aunt Mary, I hope and pray that our platform can help you find a better quality of life, or more time, whichever you need most.
To your future health,
Mark Aubry
RHM Founder/CEO