COVID-19 Antibody Test Available with our RHM Advisors

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Covid-19 Antibody Test RHM

RHM Rolls Out COVID-19 Antibody Test

RHM is now offering COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) antibody testing. This is a fully-automated process, which benefits both patients, healthcare professionals and organizations.

Attention coronavirus COVID 19

COVID-19 | Treatments Q&A

RHM CEO, Mark Aubry, interviews stem cell scientist, Dr. Ian White (PhD)    about “stem cell” treatments and COVID-19. Topics include: Regenerative Medicine treatments are a

Regenerative Medicine Advise

The Value of Advice

The Value of Advice There is a movement toward patient-focused medical advice. Patients and Physicians play an equally vital role in helping pursue a patient’s

Regenerative Medicine

The Promise of Regenerative Medicine

The Promise of Regenerative Medicine helping the body heal itself The Promise ofRegenerative Medicine A better Future Imagine a world where we don’t have to