Medical Advisory Program

Patients who care about their health want to be active participants in their own health and care. They also want an advisor that can help them sort through the complexities and difficult choices. This has never been more evident than in the current environment. 
Medicine and managing one’s care is full of complexities. Navigating these complexities requires patients to have a relationship with their physicians like they’ve never had before. It would be great for patients is they had someone (or some team) to help with providing:
-clarity in options
-advice and guidance on which options to choose
-the relationship to give confidence in the choice of care
This is why we developed a platform called the Medical Advisory Program, or “MAP.” (It’s easier to navigate with a MAP.)
The Medical Advisory Program is important because:
  • Medicine and care is a process, that takes time
  • Patients need time with, and advice from, a professional who can help them navigate the complexities of medicine
  • Patients benefit most in this model because it is the only model that incentives physicians to develop, and maintain, a long-term relationship with them

Real Medical Advice