Patients who care about their health want to be active participants in their own health care. This is especially true for those considering or seeking regenerative treatments and therapies. Patients want an advisor that can help them sort through the complex and difficult choices associated with regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is full of complexities and to truly navigate these complexities requires patients to have a relationship  with their physicain like they’ve never had before. Patients are already taking action by seeking out treatments all around the world; it would be great for these patients if they had someone (or some team) to help with providing: clarity in options, advice and guidance on which option to choose, and the relationship to give confidence in the choice of care.

RHM physicians help patients navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine with a MAP – the Medical Advisory Program (“MAP”).


Along with the evidence that regenerative treatments and therapies are providing great health benefits for patients, the evidence from behavioral economics and social psychology reveal that THE main obstacle to achieving better health is human behavior. While the scientific evidence of regenerative treatments and therapies is revealing that patients are getting better and having positive outcomes, human behavior is often the primary driver.

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