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In a world where most talk about disrupting health care by increasing the use of technology and engagement apps, few understand and discuss the complexities of medicine – or provide a platform and tools to actually help patients navigate the complexities of medicine.
RHM is building a leading-edge technology and educational platform to help patients – just like you – navigate the complexities of medicine. 
This platform was built with the purpose of providing resources that allow patients – in partnership with physicians, medical advisors, and health managers – to become better consumers of health care.

The RHM Patient Platform


“My RHM” is the technology platform that allows RHM patients to work directly with their medical advisors and health managers.

“My RHM” is an industry-leading technology platform for patients. Yet, it is through relationships that patients – while working with medical advisors and health managers – understand, manage, protect, and better their health.

You will only have access to “My RHM” if you are an RHM Patient

RHM Patient Academy

An informed Patient is a wise consumer of medical care.

The RHM Patient Academy is an online education platform that bridges the gap between the academic with the practical. Designed to help RHM Patients understand a variety aspects of their own health and care, operating in a complex environment, and informational courses on treatments, therapies, and medicine. 

Courses begin in April of 2023.

You must be an RHM Member to access the RHM Patient Academy. 

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When you subscribe to the free weekly RHM Patient Newsletter, you receive:

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  • Valuable Resources – Access to premium blogs, podcasts, webinars, white papers, and much more
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RHM Podcasts

(Coming in 2023)
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