• Outcome #1 – Prospect ready to move forward to become Patient
    • Collect:
      • Name
      • Email
      • Mobile
      • Set Profile Meeting for at least 72 hours out
        • Schedule Profile Meeting for 2 hours
    • If Prospect ready to move forward to become Patient:
      • Send email to patient@rhm.care:
        • Subject line: New Patient
          • Name
          • Email
          • Mobile
          • Profile Meeting date
          • State whether ready for Blood Draw for Labs
            • FYI: Blood Draws will be scheduled for 30 mins after the start time of your Profile Meeting, unless you state that that you do not want HQ to order
            • If you do not want HQ to order blood draw, state that you will order
          • State whether IV Prime or NO IV Prime
          • State whether you have asked for medical records or not
        • For Your Information Only: This section is done ”behind the scenes” by the RHM HQ. Three emails are sent to help Prospect become a Patient and prepare for Profile Meeting:
          • Email #1: Welcome to RHM + New Patient Form and Medical/HIPPA Consents
          • Email #2: Importance of the Planning Process + if necessary, make sure to get your medical records to your Physician
          • Email #3a: If IV Prime, will include IV Informed Consent + Info about 12 hr fast before blood draw + medical records reminder (if necessary)
          • Email #3b: If NO IV Prime, info about 12 hr fast before blood draw + medical records reminder (if necessary)
      • You will get an email when Informed Consents are signed
      • If Prospect DOES NOT complete the “homework” (New Patient Form + Medical/HIPAA Consents + IV Informed Consent (if planned),
        • Send an Email to Prospect
          • (Remember, Prospect DOES NOT become a Patient until the Medical Consents are signed.)
        • If Prospect does not respond or finish consents 24 hours prior to Profile Meeting time, send an email stating that you will have to cancel the Meeting if yo do not receive the information before the Meeting.
      • IF DOING IV PRIME at Profile Meeting:
        • Send email to:
          • orders@rhm.care
          • Subject: IV Prime Order
          • State how many Primes
          • If only ONE, state “ONE IV Prime”
          • Date of Profile Meeting
  • Outcome #2 – Prospect NOT ready to become Patient, but wants “more information”
    • Send email to:
      • prospect@rhm.care
      • Subject Line: Prospect, More Info
      • Name
      • Email
      • Mobile, if possible
      • FYI: Prospect is added to an email list that “drips” on the for 12 months.



Email: rhm@rhm.care

RingCentral App: #PatientProcessSupport

Supplemental Documents:

Script: Discovery Meeting #2

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