• Welcome and Exchange pleasantries
  • Review the RHM Planning Process
    • 5 Stages
      • Discovery
      • Profile
      • Strategy
      • Implementation
      • Review
    • “We’ve already done the Discovery and we’re pretty sure we want to work with one another”
    • Today is about developing a Profile so I can build your plan
  • Review Regenerative Health Management
    • 5 Step process
      • Listen
      • Educate
      • Advise
      • Treat
      • Evaluate

  • How do we determine the best Medical Advisory Program – or MAP – for you in order to help you navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine?
  • Review Compensation
  • Today, we are going to do 5 main things:
    • 1. IV Prime (if ordered properly)
    • 2. Blood Draws (if ordered properly)
    • 3. Dig into your Medical History and really get to know who you are, what you do, and why you do it.
      • This could take up to an hour, but shouldn’t take any longer than that
    • 4. Discuss the Regenerative Health Management process for you and potential paths we can take
    • 5. Potential treatment prices for you

  • Manage Expectations
    • This is a process
    • We expect our Patients to become Clients and commit to a minimum of one year of treatments
    • What does this look like?
      • Use the Treatment Plan Calculator (located in your 02. Treatment Plan folder in your OneDrive) “to give the Patient a sense of:
        • Amount and types of treatments
        • Prices of those treatments
      • You should talk about pricing as it compares to the market
        • Refer to “Market Pricing Guide” (to be created by September 12, 2019) – THIS IS AN INTERNAL DOCUMENT AND IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT GIVE, OR EVEN SHOW, TO PATIENT
  • Start to wind down meeting by asking Patient if they have any questions
  • Remind Patient about the Process and that we ask our Clients to commit to a minimum of a 12 month treatment plan

  • Next Steps:
    • 1. Remind Patient to get you their medical records, if necessary
    • 2. After reviewing the information gathered today + the Patient’s medical records (if necessary), you’ll get back to the Patient in the next several days (or a couple of days after you’ve had a chance to review the Patient’s medical records, if necessary) with their Treatment Plan Proposal.
      • Always make sure you “under promise and over-deliver”
      • If you tell them 3 days, get back to them in 3 or less
      • If you tell them a week, get back to them in 5 days or less
    • 3. Ideally, we’ll review the plan together, in person. But, if it’s more convenient for you, we can review the Treatment Plan Proposal via a Video Meeting
      • Ask Patient which they prefer
      • If Video Meeting, tell Patient you will email the meeting link to them in the coming days
  • Set the date for the Strategy Meeting
      • Therefore, set the meeting time for 2 hours
      • If doing the Strategy Meeting via a Video Meeting, set the meeting for 1 hour
      • If necessary, remind the Patient that you are not going to be able to give the Patient their Treatment Plan Proposal unless you’ve had the opportunity to review their medical records
    • Remind Patient of Next Meeting time and date

  • ***What if Patient is ready to start the MAP before seeing the Treatment Plan Proposal?
  • This is NOT preferred. The preferred – and correct – method is to have the Patient be ready to meet with you to discuss the ACTUAL Treatment Plan Proposal during the Strategy Meeting
  • Use TreatmentPlan Calculator to give an idea of what the treatment prices may be
      • If you are not careful, you will “anchor” the Patient to a price that could be different than the actual Treatment Plan
      • Do not hesitate to call RHM HQ for support during your meeting with Patient
      • If you believe that you must sign documents and receive initial payment today in order to move the Patient forward, have Patient sign the MAP Agreement.
      • Choose level of MAP
        • Diamond – $2,000/mo
        • Platinum – $1,000/mo
        • Gold – $500/mo
      • Have Patient sign MAP Agreement
      • Call RHM HQ to email link to Patient immediately
      • Have Patient open email on their own device;
      • Fill in Credit Card
      • Congratulate the Patient on taking control of their Health and Care
      • Let them know that they are now your CLIENT
      • Remind them of the Strategy Meeting time to review the Treatment Plan Proposal
      • End the Meeting

Upon building the new Treatment Plan, and after saving the file to OneDrive, send an email to planreview@rhm.care.

  • This will allow you to have a second set of eyes on the plan and ensure that we are not missing anything.



Email: rhm@rhm.care

RingCentral App: #PatientProcessSupport

Supplemental Documents:

By Developing a Plan

Compensation: Medical Advisory Fee

Compensation: Referrals

Planning Profile

Treatment Plan Calculator (on OneDrive in 02. Treatment Plan)

Market Pricing Guide

MAP Agreement


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