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Understanding Regenerative Medicine

About RHM

Our Story

The founder of RHM first became aware of regenerative medicine in 2010 when a beloved aunt, while suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), received a bone marrow stem cell transplant from her brother and the founder’s uncle. Along with a lot of prayer, the stem cell transplant changed the beloved aunt’s life and allowed her to have more time with the family than anyone could have imagined, even the doctors.

Toward the end of the beloved aunt’s 5 ½ year battle, in late 2013, a small group that included the founder of RHM, set out to discuss the possibilities and complications in and around the field of regenerative medicine.

Rather than focusing primarily on the treatment side of regenerative medicine, the small group decided to focus on helping patients and physicians navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine. This focus puts the emphasis back on the patient-physician relationship. It allows physicians to be physicians (“physician” = one who is skilled in the art of healing), and not just “providers.” And patients get what they want most: time with, and advice from, their physician throughout the health and treatment process.

After literally traveling around the world and the United States for a significant part of 2 years, and several years of research, observations, and conversations with an untold number of scientists, physicians, and patients, the team determined that the best way to make an impact in the field of regenerative medicine was to develop translational-oriented clinics. This would allow us to help patients and physicians live a better quality of life.

Our team found that regenerative medicine is about helping the body heal itself, or do what it should do naturally. But, while most in the field are thinking about “cures” and replacement organs, we have found that it’s the incremental changes that most often have the greatest impacts on humanity.

It is through relationships that physicians help patients understand, manage, protect, and better their health.

That is why we developed Regenerative Health Management

What is Regenerative Health Management?

Regenerative Health Management is the active, on-going process of helping the body heal itself.

The RHM platform provides regenerative health management through a relationship-driven medical advisory platform that seeks to consider the whole person, especially as it relates to regenerative medicine.

RHM physicians and medical advisors provide regenerative health management throughout the continuum of care by offering:


Providing time for, and advice on, all aspects that have implications on a person’s health, especially with issues relating to regenerative medicine


Navigating the complexities of regenerative medicine by helping patients understand, manage, protect, and better their health


Providing clarity, choice, and confidence as patients take control of their health and care

of RHM

Who Can Benefit from Regenerative Health Management?

Those who have no other choice; those who are suffering from fatal diseases with no conventional treatments.

Those for whom last century’s treatments of drugs and surgery do not help; the struggle of those with chronic conditions.

Those who want to live the best quality of life they can; some would call this “optimization”.

According to the US Center for Disease Control, nearly 60% of Americans suffer from either a rare or chronic disease. More specifically, there are approximately 200 million Americans suffering from rare and chronic diseases. About 98% (196 million) of these people are looking for a way to manage the disease on their own because there are few or no traditional treatments.

That’s why people are turning to regenerative medicine.

But, as individuals seeking treatment, and as society as a whole, we need to work together to find solutions – as many as we can for now, but also for the future. The traditional “treat and street” model where patients get a treatment and then hope and pray that something works is doing a disservice to patients, doctors, and those who will suffer from these diseases in the future.

Regenerative health management helps us overcome many of these issues. Through the active on-going process of helping the body heal itself, we can work to find treatments and therapies that work for you. Regenerative treatments and therapies are showing the ability to repair, replace, rejuvenate, and even regenerate tissue that has been damaged by injury, disease, or because of the natural aging process.

What are Regenerative Medicine Applications?

Given the benefits described, regenerative treatments and therapies are restoring the natural functionality of both cells and tissues when applied to:

The general health and wellness of both men and women​

Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders

Wounds, ulcers, and burns

Autoimmune diseases and disorders

Male and female sexual dysfunction

Joints: shoulders, knees, hips, as well as smaller joints in the body

Spinal cord Injuries

Cardiovascular issues

Traumatic brain injuries (this includes concussions)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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