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The RHM Advantage is that you work with a dedicated physician – one who is skilled in the art of healing and who is trained as a Medical Advisor. This is someone who knows you and helps you develop your personal health goals and objectives, and who will be there for you whenever you need them.

Medical Advisors, not providers

personalized, long-term approach

The relationship between you and your medical advisor shapes nearly every aspect of our business.

We believe that you deserve better than waiting 45 minutes for an 8 minute appointment with a provider who has limitations on how you can be treated when it comes to your current and future health needs.

As a client in RHM what you will discover is that we have a system of people and sophisticated technology that supports your medical advisor. This system helps you tailor personalized health strategies that will best allow you to attain your health goals.

This unique approach gives you what the current medical system simply cannot.

We offer what the system can't

The current medical system is not conducive to rendering innovative care that integrates multiple complimentary treatment options. Most hospitals and doctors are accustomed to offering only those therapeutic options that are covered by insurance companies. This is simply not good enough any more. Especially when time is of the essence.

The RHM medical advisor believes that each patient in their care should be able to choose from multiple interventions that have a realistic potential to cure the person’s condition or at least improve their quality of life measurably. That may involve treatments considered “outside the box” or even those best described as investigational. The RHM medical advisor is poised to provide all the information about traditional treatments as well as cutting-edge options such that their patient can make an informed decision.

when you work with a medical advisor, you’ll feel like you are our only patient.

Medical Advisors

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If you’re ready to work with a different kind of doctor, one who gives more than lip service to the idea of holistic wellness, look no further. The RHM Medical advisor is that rare physician who is as concerned about the root cause of a problem as he/she is about writing a prescription to mask the symptoms.

Most people who pursue wellness discover it is an enterprise that requires attention to the mind, body and soul. RHM medical advisors consider it a great privilege to guide their patient in that endeavor.

RHM help patients navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine with a MAP

The Medical Advisory Program


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RHM medical advisors truly provide what patients seeking regenerative treatments and therapies need most: Time and Advice.

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