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Why Regenerative Health Management

Background & Approach

The power of Regenerative Medicine

The Future
is Now

Through advancing technologies, knowledge, and understanding, brilliant scientists and physicians continue to show the scientific and medical communities that regenerative medicine therapies and treatments can repair, rejuvenate, and even regenerate tissue that has been damaged by injury, disease or the natural aging process.

The practice of regenerative medicine capitalizes on the body’s own ability to heal itself. While regenerative therapies and treatments will not completely eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals and surgery, it does offer a seismic shift in treatment options and opportunities for patients.

Regenerative Health Management


The active on-going process of helping you navigate the complexities of Regenerative Medicine

The RHM Approach



In an age of medicine where the average amount of time spent with a physician is less than 8 minutes per visit, patients are unhappy and dissatisfied. In fact, patients no longer want to be treated only for symptoms; patients are demanding, more than ever before, that physicians treat the root causes of their complaints or diseases.



Patients are smarter – or at least better informed – than they used to be. Patients know that there are potentially better options for treatments than have been traditionally available. Patients want to have a choice in treatment options through shared decision making.



Patients want to spend time with, and get to know, their physician. More importantly, patients want their physician to get to know them. When a patient is actually able to make the time to schedule and keep an appointment with their physician, that patient wants their physician to understand exactly what’s going. It is critically important that the physician understand that person's problem in the context of their larger story.

Regenerative Health Management Process

We believe that successful outcomes for patients (and possibly regenerative medicine as a whole) will be directly correlated with physicians and patients managing behaviors and expectations together, through a relationship, that uses innovative treatments, therapies, and procedures as tools.

That is why 4 of the 5 steps in the RHM deal with time with, and advice from, a physician. The RHM physician can provide treatments, but it’s only a fraction of the way we understand the process of regenerative medicine.

Treatment process

RHM Physicians focus on 3 main areas

  1. Minimize Inflammation
  2. Balance Hormones
  3. Regenerative Therapies

Because of this, we developed a first of its kind
“Medical Advisory Program”

This RHM Program finds the economic incentives that help patients and physicians come together and give each what they need.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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