Daniel S. Lann, MD (Chief Clinical Officer)

Dr. Daniel Lann is a board certified ER physician and practiced Emergency Medicine for 17 years before transitioning in regenerative medicine and, specifically, regenerative health management. Throughout his years as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Lann has seen that many issues he was treating in the ER could be more successfully treated within a system that could provide patients with the long-term health management and support they need.

Transitioning from a disease-based model of medicine to his passion for health-based patient care. Dr. Lann started his own regenerative health management office from zero patients and looks to offer a comprehensive looks at his patients’ health.

In conjunction with running his own RHM Office, Dr. Lann is very involved in the training and support of new RHM Physicians. As such, Dr. Lann serves as the Chief Clinical Officer for RHM.

A graduate of the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio, Dr. Lann did his residency in Norfolk, VA.

Prior to attending Medical School, Dr. Lann was a Naval Flight Officer for 8.5 years having joined the Navy after college.