Jason Aubry (Executive Chief of Staff)

Jason Aubry, RHM’s Executive Chief of Staff, comes to the RHM team from a non-standard business path.  For the past two and a half decades, Jason has been managing very successful programs – as a head football coach.  Jason led his football programs as a CEO would lead a business.  

Jason spent most of his coaching career leading one of the largest high school football programs in the state of Illinois.  He was able to bring it from one of the worst programs in the area to a highly competitive and respected program, eventually leading the program to the state playoff’s for the first time in over 20 years. He did this, primarily, by building relationships and fostering a positive team culture.  After a successful stint as a high school coach, Jason was named the head football coach at Concordia University Chicago.  Jason led a successful (and very quick) turn around of the CUC program.  

One of Jason’s strengths is his ability to build an incredibly strong and intimate team culture. He does this by defining a clarity of purpose, assigning staff responsibilities, empowering managers and staff, and fostering a buy-in into the culture of the organization.

Jason, younger brother of the founder and CEO of RHM, Mark Aubry, was the COO of Mark’s first business while they were in college.  Although taking a different path for the past twenty-five years, and after being recruited by Mark for several years, Jason has decided to become part of the RHM leadership team as the Executive Chief of Staff.   

Jason and his wife Dana married in 1995 and have three adult children:  Kylah, Jaxon, and Kennedy.  Kylah and her husband, Jake, have blessed Jason and Dana with a granddaughter, Bostyn Rae.