Stewart Heath (Chief Financial Officer)

When you’ve had great success and also known great loss, you learn to value the experiences and lessons learned along the way. In today’s tumultuous climate where change is inevitable, companies need leaders who have the experience to both navigate change and not panic when the unexpected comes around the corner. Stewart Heath’s varied experiences in many different types of businesses have helped him learn how to be a better businessman and leader. 

At his core, Stewart is an entrepreneur. He’s passionate about working with people to find solutions to their problems. Because the world and culture are constantly changing, new businesses and new services must meet the demands of the next generation. Stewart has had a hand in all business areas from marketing to technology. But he also knows what he’s good at, when to step aside, and how to support team members and partners. When a new idea is presented, Stewart jumps in and catches the vision before crunching numbers. As a Certified Public Accountant, he knows the importance of good business and efficient operations. All ventures must find the path to profitability because only profit allows organization to give back to its employees, better the community, and occasionally, make your own life a little easier. 

A veteran crisis manager, Stewart has weathered many storms, both in his personal life and his professional life. These experiences taught him the importance of transparency and the value of faith in God, good friends, and trusted advisors. Having become unflappable in almost any crisis, Stewart has learned how to be flexible and adaptable and find solutions in even the direst situations. For young, inexperienced leaders, unexpected events can elicit panic and inappropriate responses. But when you have survived the worst, you realize that you can make it through anything. Stewart has learned to remain calm and study the situation in order to find the path forward. This afford him the ability to manage staff, partners, and resources better to carry out a plan. 

Stewart has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and in the C-Suite that have made him the leader and executive he is today. As CFO of Creative Trust Ventures, Stewart helped transition a 30-year-old media company to a cutting edge digital platform. At TVP, Stewart facilitated and managed the almost 70% revenue growth.

Stewart believes in giving back to the community. He served on the board of New Hope Academy in Franklin, Tennessee, from 1997 to 2002 while his children attended this private school designed to give students access to a classical education in an economically, racially and culturally diverse environment. As the COO of Tennessee Valley Properties (TVP), Stewart oversaw the needs of a staff of 53. Many were single mothers who were working full-time and taking classes to find a better future. Stewart would hold sessions to help with homework and occasionally offer advice about buying cars or parenting. Choices to give back are not only good for people; they are good for companies. While at TVP, the company saw an 80% decrease in employee turnover.