Tomasz Fediuk, PhD (Chief Strategist/Director of RHM Institute)

Tom is the practical academic of the RHM team. His area of specialty is in strategic communication, and his research has primarily focused on topics related to behavioral, social, and communication science. His area of study and publication has focused on issues and crisis management (and how stakeholders react to companies that are perceived to violate their expectations). Tom makes sure that all RHM strategic decision processes consider alternatives, contingencies, and consequences of decisions across stakeholder groups. Thus, Tom takes on (and delights in) the often neglected role of the “Devil’s Advocate” of the management team.

Tom has advised and offered strategic counsel for small and medium size enterprises, family businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. He has developed consulting tools that assess and improve working relationships, collaboration, and trust in team environments and was part of an organization that sought to develop a valid assessment tool to meet the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education’s (ACGME) core competency efforts. He co-founded several businesses in areas such as resource management, advising and consulting, and biotech. Tom is a contributor and co-founder of Impact Capitalist. Tom’s niche in helping families navigate the complexities of business ownership.

Tom is a graduate of Illinois State University (B.S. in Public Relations and Sociology; M.S. in Communication) and received his Ph.D. in communication from Michigan State University. He has taught strategic communication at the University of Minnesota Duluth and at Illinois State University. He also spent one year as a visiting scholar at the business school at Aarhus University in Denmark and he is currently teaching in the management department at Stetson University.