Scott D. Brown, MD, MA(ethics)


After receiving my medical school education at Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia I completed a residency in Family Medicine just south of Pittsburgh in Washington, PA.
I started my career in rural medicine in the charming town of Somerset, PA and practiced for seven years before convincing my wife to move with our four children to the sleepy town of Ashland City, TN in 1996.
In 2010 I became both intrigued and concerned with the direction that the “new medicine” was heading…especially regenerative health and stem cell therapies. I enrolled at Trinity International University in Chicago (Deerfield) and ultimately earned an MA in Bioethics in 2016.
As a primary care physician and bioethicist I am keenly interested in human flourishing and what constitutes a sense of wellness. I have chosen RHM as the platform through which I will help my patients pursue that state of wellness.
I have been practicing family medicine in rural America for 31 years and it has been both the most exhilarating and exasperating career I could have imagined.
If medicine were a mountain I have spent most of my time and energy helping people at the very jagged bottom- the unforgiving base where the wreckages of life’s highway are strewn.
The accidents can happen for any number of reasons….poor judgement, dangerous conditions, drunk drivers or faulty equipment. Irrespective of the causes my job has been to pick up the “Jaws of Life” each morning and labor to extricate the victims and return to them some sense of wholeness.
At this station in life my desire is not to leave the mountain of medicine, but rather ascend it to where I can build guard rails instead.
Two outdoor activities I enjoy are bowhunting and running. Despite my fitness regimen I injured both my knee and shoulder in 2017.
My own research led me to Louisville, Kentucky to receive stem cell injections prepared from blood taken from my bone marrow in order to treat a complex partial tear of my left knee’s medial meniscus and a partial thickness tear of my right supraspinatus (a muscle of the rotator cuff).
One week later I made that three hour trek again to receive platelet-rich plasma injections into the same joints. The results were extraordinary.
In a few months I returned to cycling, running, slalom skiing and bowhunting and was virtually pain free. So started my fascination with regenerative health.

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