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The Value of Advice

There is a movement toward patient-focused medical advice. Patients and Physicians play an equally vital role in helping pursue a patient’s health and life goals.


7 Questions to Ask a Regenerative Medicine Doctor about Fees


Of the fee arrangements you offer, which one best suits my needs?


What services am I actually getting for my money?


Do these fees cover on-going care and advice?

Unexpected Fees

Is it possible that my total costs may be higher than what we’ve initially agreed on? Please explain


Will you give me a discount on fees?


Do I really need all of your services in the first place?

Annual Reviews

Could we review what I am paying in fees at least annually?

According to the US Center for Disease Control, nearly 60% of Americans suffer from either a rare or chronic disease. More specifically, there are approximately 200 million Americans suffering from rare and chronic diseases. About 98% (196 million) of these people are looking for a way to manage the disease on their own because there are few or no traditional treatments.

That’s why people are turning to regenerative medicine.
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