Patients want two main things when it comes to working with a physician. It is magnified when dealing with regenerative medicine.

Time and Advice.

Time with a physician: To make sure the physician completely understands not only the history of your particular situation, but also how you feel about your health.

Advice from a physician: Once the physician understands where the patient is coming from, the patient wants real advice as to how to find a better quality of life or a little bit more time.

Not coincidentally, in a recent survey of physicians, it was made known that most physicians desire the same thing as patients. In fact, almost 74% of physicians describe “patient relationships” as the most satisfying aspect of their medical practice.

Unfortunately, most patients and doctors do not get to experience a real relationship with one another.

Through the RHM platform, a long-term relationship is not only encouraged, it is critical to the long-term success of patient outcomes.

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